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Subject line here
I don't know what I want to say, hence the blatant fail subject line.

My new friends are ridiculously amazing, I literally knew them for 5 minutes before they were just like "dude wtf we're friends, why would you even doubt that?" It is awesome realizing that there are really people out there just capable of being friends without problems.

But then I can't help but think about sad things, so I keep moving. The sad things I think of aren't even sad though! They are such happy memories of Steph, and they make me so sad and it just doesn't make sense. I love her still, and there were so many good moments we had.

Seriously over a year of amazing moments. Who can say that they had an entire year with someone that was just so simply amazing, then ended it on the best note humanly possible?

I have no right to be sad about this :| but of course I am. I know she has been to so that hasn't been making it any easier. I hope that sometimes soon we can be normal again... I don't know if we will ever be romantic again but I do know I will never stop loving her just like I never stop loving anyone.

What hurts a lot is the choices she makes, but its not like I don't understand why she chooses the things she does. She wants to dull her pain and constantly moving while not talking to me is the best way to do that... I'm just so afraid she is going to forget me.

I spent 10 hours straight with these new friends, and it was awesome. Yet I still worried about her almost the entire time, on and off. I'm getting better, but I don't want to forget how strong the love I had / have was / is. I hope she doesn't either...

I love you still steph, but its time for me to move on. I just don't know how :x maybe soon I'll get it, but I hope you do to... because we can't waste all the good times we had by feeling sorry for ourselves.

I hope you read this, but I won't ever show it to you. This is what I've wanted to talk to you about even though you've been to busy.


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