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Another vent
So I finally found out the full truth, which I knew was true all along. She didn't just make out with him like she claimed, obviously. You don't get bruises all over your body from making out...

If I've ever wanted to punch a whole through a kitten, right now is that time. I'm pissed off at her, pat continues to prove his worth as a douche, and other friends continue to show their obvious allegiance which was never even in question. The only positive thing to come through all of this is that I've finally met someone and also finally got shit out of the way. My microdermal is barely hanging on and it has been ripped 3 times in the past 24 hours now T_T brutal.

Next time you cheat on me, do me a favor and don't fuck me afterward without the common decency of suggesting to use a condom. That shit is fucked up. Why even fuck him out of all the people? It doesn't even make sense, unless of course I'm still being lied to about other things which I really don't doubt at all. It is bullshit that girls can go around doing w/e the fuck they want with no regard to the people they "love." I unfriended Steph on facebook, unfollowed her on twitter, and don't plan on talking to her again for some time. Maybe the next time we start hanging out again she will respect me more and not do shit behind my back :(

I hope the sex was good, and I hope you have plenty more with random people. I on the other hand will do my thing, keep moving on in life, get a job in Orlando that I can live off of, find more friends, and hopefully find someone that respects me and treats me with love just as much as I do them. I hope that I meet someone that if they are bored sexually, they are aware enough to bring that up. I hope that I meet someone mature enough emotionally that if they have been thinking of other people, they could bring it up with me and talk it out.

Having feelings about other people while you've been with someone else is not uncommon. In fact, it is such a problem there are books about it, and ways of coping. If you truly love someone, then you respect them, trust them, and feel that they deserve your time of day. There are plenty of outs I offered steph, I even told her I didn't believe that all she did was kiss pat, I even told her I didn't believe bart was just over to watch movies, I hate fucking being lied to. Diaf. Diabaff. I hope karma catches up one day, which would mean I probably keep getting fucked over and she will be in a happy relationship in a couple of weeks. Fucking karma is off sometimes I swear.

Too long? Didn't want to read that shit? - If you have feelings, are bored sexually, or think there is any kind of problem with your relationship - TALK TO YOUR FUCKING PARTNER. I can bet money, that if they leave you because you came to them, THEY WERE FUCKING USELESS ANYWAY. My ears were always open to you steph, I always ALWAYS was around for you. We had good sex, we had long talks, we had hard times, and we had good times. Why was it so difficult for you to bring up to me that you wanted to end things? Why was it easier to fuck pat than to tell me, "Joe, I've been changing lately. I don't think I want to be in a relationship anymore."

You could have saved me a lot of pain. Take the burden on yourself, you are the one who wants it.

To every girl out there, right now reading this- Instead of cheating on the person you are with, its a lot easier to break up with them. Especially when that person can read you like an open fucking book.


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